Selected Publications

Below is a selection of our peer reviewed publications:
  • Fish consumption by children in canada: review of evidence, challenges and future goals(read more)
  • Food, essential nutrients and neurodevelopmental behavioral disorders in children (read more)
  • Air pollution: an environmental factor contributing to intestinal disease (read more
  • Is lead a concern in Canadian autistic children? (read more)
  • Melamine food contamination: Relevance to Canadian Children (read more)
  • Canada declares Bisphenol A (BPA) a “dangerous substance” – Questioning the safety of plastics (read more)
  • Asthma and air pollution: Traffic emissions are increasingly recognized as a trigger (read more)
  • Trends In Childhood Cancer Incidence: Review of Environmental Linkages(read more)
  • Lead Poisoning: Even Low Lead Levels in C Additives hildren Are Unsafe (read more)