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Air Quality

Air Quality Health Index!

AQHI Info.

click for Health Canada information about
Indoor Air:

  •   mould
  •   formaldehyde
  •   carbon monoxide
  •   radon
  •   asthma and allergies
  •   major indoor pollutants

Outdoor Air:

  •   major air pollutants
  •   smog
  •   acid rain
  •   climate change
  •   diesel
  •   ethanol

Food and Nutrition 

click for Health Canada information about:

  •   breast feeding
  •   infant nutrition
  •   Canada's Food guide
  •   fish consumption advisory

click for information on advisories, warnings, recalls

click for information on safety of food additives

click for information on chemical contaminants in food including:

  •   arsenic
  •   benzene
  •   bisphenol A
  •   melamine
  •   mercury

click for information on environmental contaminants in food including:

  •   mercury
  •   brominated flame retardants
  •   dioxins and furans
  •   perfluorinated chemicals in food
  •   PCB's

Healthy Living

For information on:

Consumer Products

click for Health Canada Consumer Product Safety

click for Chemical Substances Gateway - Government of Canada

click for Consumer Information Gateway

click for Guide to Less Toxic Products

click for Health Canada information about:

  •   child care equipment and furniture
  •   clothing and accessories
  •   toys and related products

Product Evaluation

World Health Organization Links

click for General Information on Children's Health and the Environment

click for W.H.O. training modules, including:

  •   indoor air pollution
  •   outdoor air pollution
  •   lead
  •   mercury
  •   persistant organic pollutants including pesticides, PCB's and other industrial chemicals & unintentional      by-products of industry
  •   water quality

click for W.H.O. information on Environmental Risks, including:

  •   the built environment
  •   chemical hazards
  •   radiation